Saturday, June 14, 2014

Green Sculpture Park

Sarasota could create first and only Green Sculpture Park in the world. It would become a major tourist attraction and show our leadership in green technology and art.

This proposal calls for the addition of green sculptures that would be artistic and “green”. Wind and solar energy and recycled materials would be incorporated into the design. They could also generate power for lighting in the downtown.

Sarasota has many quality sculptures. The City is increasing “Green” Technology and Sustainability. This Sculpture Park would be an extension and major enhancement of those efforts.

A program modeled on the Sioux Falls, South Dakota could be used. Each year sculptures are mounted, kept in place for one year, and become a tourist attraction. After one year those sculptures are removed and new ones mounted in their place. The sculptures are for sale and people vote for their favorite. The City purchases the most popular sculpture for permanent display. Then the year cycle is repeated.